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Advancetec AT-FX UV2 review

A watercooled supercar of a high-end PC

For the boy racer with the flame decals on his car too?

Our Verdict

Just not refined enough or elite enough to justify the insane asking price


  • Top-of-the-range components

    Serious overclocking potential


  • Crazy price

    Doesn't look the part

Inside the garishly painted Lian Li case, you'll find a selection of the best components money has to offer. The Intel Core 2 Q6600 is capable of some serious performance boosts thanks to the water cooling, while the 2GB of PC2-9200 is above and beyond what could be considered normal memory.

On the graphics front, a pair of 8800GTXs in an SLI configuration is almost as good as it gets at the raw clock speeds (bettered only by a pair of Ultras) but, importantly, this has been included in the water-cooling ring so they can be overclocked to ridiculously new heights as well.

The hard drive configuration is a little less impressive. While the pair of 500GB drives provide lots of space, they can't compete with a Raptor for the OS. Also, the sheer amount of water-cooling here (it even covers the memory) makes accessing anything inside the machine pretty much impossible. This renders the option of an upgrade unworkable, shortening the lifespan of the machine.

Ultimately, however, the performance simply doesn't justify the high price. And even then, if this had produced the best performance we'd ever seen, we would still prefer the machine to look a bit classier and more refined than this.