Acer Predator G3 review

A 1080p gaming PC that proves consistently underwhelming

Acer Predator G3-710

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Acer set out to build a 1080p gaming desktop with the Predator G3-710, and it's fulfilled that brief. The R7 360 bounded through games at 1080p with settings turned up high – it's not going to struggle with any current game.

The tank-track facade looks striking and is sturdy, and Acer adds value by including good-looking peripherals.

We liked

The Radeon graphics card is a sensible choice, and it's a fine 1080p chip, plus it's affordable enough to fit inside this system without driving the price up.

The processor is good, too – it uses Intel's latest architecture to deliver solid performance without bottlenecking the graphics card.

The case looks bold and has decent connectivity, and there's Wi-Fi on the inside. The peripheral highlight, meanwhile, is the mouse: it's got plenty of snappy buttons and fast, precise movement.

We disliked

This system might play 1080p games without problems, but it's hindered in many other key areas.

The memory is the bare minimum for this kind of machine, and the hard disk is slow. Everything connects to a motherboard that's got limited upgrade potential and an ugly, underwhelming design.

The case looks reasonable from the front but it's bare metal on the inside, with little upgrade room, and it's untidy throughout.

It's also undeniable that the $1,028 (£700 in the UK, AU$1,417) used on this machine would go further elsewhere. PCs from smaller firms will have better components in almost every category, better enclosures and more generous warranties.

Final verdict

The Acer Predator G3 fulfils its remit as a 1080p gaming machine, and that's fine if the primary motivation for buying a PC is that it'll handle single-screen gaming and look striking while doing it.

Look beyond the shelves of PC World, though, and this machine has big problems. Many of the G3's components are underwhelming, the case is untidy and lacking in features, and its one-year warranty isn't particularly generous.

Britain's boutique PC builders all offer systems with more power, panache and future-proofing.

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