Corsair 4GB Mac Memory

The quickest way to upgrade your Mac

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Our Verdict

Upgrading your RAM is still the easiest and best way to go for a faster Mac


  • Noticeable improvement
  • Fair price

Despite pretending to take note when colleagues on PC magazines dribble on about BIOS standardisation, latency speeds and system boards, we do admit to a passing interest in RAM, as, nicely accessible Mac Pros aside, this is the easiest hardware upgrade a Mac owner can make. RAM can easily be added to all Macs.

Corsair has been promoting its low latency RAM for MacBooks, MacBook Pros and iMacs, which supposedly gives as much as a 28% performance boost compared to competing brands.

Xbench told us the Corsair RAM offered a 3% improvement over equivalent Kingston modules on our iMac. This was considerably less than the claimed increase, but an increase all the same, so if you need a RAM upgrade for your new MacBook or iMac, look no further.

RAM prices are volatile but the £100 tag was available at the time of writing.