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Enermax Pro 82+ review

Efficient and well built, a great PSU across the board

Our Verdict

One of the better PSUs out there, worth the extra expense in our opinion


  • Impressive efficiency
  • Effective cooling
  • Well made


  • Steep price

If you're looking to pick up a new PSU for your gaming rig, then realistically (for a modicum of future proofing) you're not going to want to pick up a supply offering much less than 600W of juice.

The Pro 82+ meets those requirements in a quality, reliable supply that comes out with the best efficiency ratings across the board. The PSU's cooling is also effective, allowing the supply to punch well above its weight.

It's well-stocked in the lead department too, coming as it does with four PCI-E plugs - including two six-pins convertible to eight - allowing you to get that CrossFireX set-up functioning admirably. It might be a shade pricey at just under £100, but if you're after a solid, economical PSU the Pro 82+ is a worthy way to spend your cash.