BenQ XL2410 review

A stand-out 3D panel, but at what price?

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BenQ xl2410

The first thing that strikes you about the 24" BenQ XL2410 is its vibrant LED panel.

It's fully backlit, so there's no worries about dark spots or uneven colours. What's more, the 16:9 aspect ratio makes it perfect for gaming and movie watching, as well as viewing multiple web pages and programs side by side.

The strong panel is complimented by the 120Hz capabilities, which makes games and movies look stunning in 2D mode, and in terms of 3D graphics, the BenQ XL2410 is as good as any monitor we've seen.

All the drivers to get you set up are included on the supplied disc, which makes setting up much easier.

All you need is a pair of Nvidia's 3D Vision specs and you're good to go.

The spec sheet makes impressive reading too, with a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 2ms response time. Even switching between screens in Windows 7 is swift and snappy, and proves that 120Hz response times shouldn't just be reserved for those who want to melt their cerebral cortex playing 3D games.

Despite looking great though our tests showed slight inferiority in the level of blacks and white saturation compared to the best monitors on the market, which will be an issue for movie purists.

However, gradients and grey scales were displayed smoothly, and the lightning-fast 2ms response times were immediately apparent.

The level of adjustability is to be applauded on the BenQ XL2410, and it's easy to adjust the height and angle of the monitor, something which is often sorely lacking in other screens.

There are also modes to change the size of the picture on your monitor, should the mood take you, and display dual video inputs from the HDMI, DVI or D-SUB inputs.

We liked:

The picture is superb and games look fantastic in 120Hz, thanks in no small part to the superb response times and vibrant colours.

The size and shape of the monitor are perfectly suited to gaming and movie watching making this a fantastic proposition.

We disliked:

There are cheaper 3D monitors on the market, and you can get an equally stunning 2D monitors for a fraction of the £300 price tag.

What the BenQ X2410 offers is a marriage of the two, but it will hit your wallet where it hurts.

Final word:

A superb LED monitor which does more than 3D gaming, but it will cost you for the privilege.