Asus ROG Swift PG248Q review

A G-Sync gaming monitor with a blistering refresh rate

Asus PG248Q

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The Asus ROG Swift PG248Q is pretty much the G-Sync version of the MG248Q, and it's undeniably a great gaming monitor. In terms of responsiveness, refresh rate and gaming-related features, it's one of the best in this price range. But a comparison is inevitable, and weighing all the options we're more cautious about recommending the PG248Q than we were the MG248Q.

We liked

The ROG Swift PG248Q is a monitor designed to be used at 1080p, by people who want the very best PC gaming performance, but without the high prices of the larger G-Sync IPS screens. In fact it's one of the most affordable G-Sync screens around and in terms of responsiveness and fluidity, it's pretty much unrivalled. But other options are available in this price bracket, and if gaming is not your primary focus on a PC, you're might consider a higher resolution, larger screen size or IPS technology.

We disliked

Purely by adding a G-Sync module, the price shoots right up, putting this TN screen into a market segment where it's competing with completely different, more high-end displays than the MG248Q is. For a small additional outlay, you could pick up a 4K display with a standard 60Hz refresh rate, or a 27-inch 1440p IPS model might be even slightly cheaper than the PG248Q.

Final verdict

This is a TN panel, and while it generally looks very good indeed, a TN screen still will never look quite as good as an IPS screen due to more narrow viewing angles, even though it's one of the best looking TN panels we've seen. For the lower price of the MG248Q, we can live with TN. It's a bit harder to swallow when a 24-inch screen costs £400 ($520) though.

And the MG248Q still works at a 144Hz refresh rate with Nvidia cards. If you can live without G-Sync or the USB hub, it's almost the same screen for £140 ($180) less. But if you want G-Sync and super-fast refresh rates, this is a brilliant gaming monitor.