FSC Lifebook P8010 review

With its impressive battery life and all-round usability, this is a great laptop

Lifebook P8010
The FSC Lifebook P8010 manages to more than live up to expectations

TechRadar Verdict

Keyboard issues aside, this is a fantastic and well-specced ultra portable laptop


  • +

    Fantastic battery life

  • +


  • +

    Good range of features

  • +

    Impressive performance

  • +

    Solid build quality


  • -

    Keyboard takes some getting used to

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With so much attention being paid to the mini-laptop segment of the market, it may seem that manufacturers are ignoring the higher-end ultraportable end of the market.

So the Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook P8010 (£1657 inc. VAT) arrives as a timely reminder.

It is a slimline laptop designed with the business user in mind. An ultraportable in the truest sense, it weighs a more than portable 1.4kg, and is slim and compact enough to slip into any normal brief case.

Robust laptop

Powered by an Ultra-Low Voltage Intel processor, this machine isn't as quick as the full-fat versions, but you'll find it is considerably quicker than the current mini-laptop machines.

Performance is adequate and we never felt as though we were compromised on power, storage or features, making the P8010 suitable as your sole laptop.

The main body and lid are made from tough plastic and, while the lid behind the LED screen is rather slim, it feels well protected. The overall effect is of a robust and sturdy laptop.

The screen is a 12.1-inch panel and sits on thin but firmly attached hinges. We found the screen sharp with a great deal of contrast, and it proved highly usable on the move.

Odd keyboard

The keyboard fills the main body of the laptop and, while it doesn't quite live up to expectations, it proved highly usable.

The problem is the rather shallow stroke and small key size that makes it initially feel a little stiff to get accustomed to.

Four media buttons above the keyboard offer quick access to media tools, including a quick back-up utility that allows for a trouble-free back-up routine to be set up.

Impressive battery

Built with usability on the move in mind, we managed to return a battery life of 369 minutes from a single charge, which at over six hours is more than impressive.

The hard drive has shock technology built in. Should the laptop move too vigorously the read heads will temporarily dock.

We saw this in action for ourselves when we used this laptop out and about, as a dialogue box pops up to inform you when the heads are docked.

Well-featured laptop

Other features include a biometric fingerprint scanner for adding an extra layer of security. However, the most compelling feature is the 3G/UMTS module, supplied by Sierra Wireless, enabling internet access on the move.

Overall, the FSC Lifebook P8010 manages to more than live up to expectations. Its battery life is great, the screen impressive and if Fujitsu Siemens can improve on the keyboard, this could well be a winning laptop.