Moto G7 Play review

Pocket and wallet-friendly - especially on Black Friday

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Moto G7 Play verdict

You’re unlikely to find many more compelling phones than the Moto G7 Play at its $200 (£149, AU$270) SIM-free price. 

It’s well constructed, slim, has a stable interface, zippy internals, the camera is good when you factor in all the shooting modes and it lasts a full day. 

The lack of NFC is a bit of a disappointment, but if that doesn’t phase you and you’re not put off by the clunky looking notch and practical design, go forth and pick one up, you won’t regret it.  

Who's the Moto G7 Play for?

The G7 Play is perfect for anyone who wants a usable experience on a budget. Parents looking for a phone for their teenagers, anybody looking for a phone for their elderly parents or even frugal adults who don’t need the best camera on the block but want something stable and competent. 

Just remember, 32GB storage might not see you through a year or two if you're a gamer who likes to have a lot of big apps on their phone, or if you have a lot of offline Spotify content, or a huge WhatsApp backup. These can't be offloaded to an external SD card as of yet, unlike photos and videos.

Should I buy it?

If you aren’t a hardcore gamer or a camera phone fiend and need an affordable, reliable sidekick, yes, there’s a good chance you should. It’s an Android smartphone phone that delivers a solid user experience at a great price.  


Moto G7 Power

If you’re in the UK, the Moto G7 Power might be the worst thing about the G7 Play. It has double the storage - 64GB, double the RAM - 4GB, a 40% larger battery - 5,000mAh, a bigger screen - 6.2-inches, and a better camera, all the while, costing just £30 more. This makes the Moto G7 Power one of the most compelling phones on the market today in the UK.

US readers rushing out to pick up a Power though - not so fast. The US variant has 3GB RAM as opposed to 4GB RAM, and it also has half the storage - just 32GB which is great, but not as disruptive as the Power in its UK configuration. 

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Nokia 5.1

Sleeker, metal bodied and less expensive, the Nokia 5.1 packs a more premium design than the Moto G7 Play, but with less power under the hood and half the storage, even at a lower price point, it’s harder to recommend to all but the lightest of users. 

Why? WhatsApp backups and app data have to be installed on internal storage, and 16GB is cutting it fine if you plan on having a phone for more than a couple of months. 

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Nokia 3.1 Plus

The Nokia 3.1 Plus has a higher RRP than the Moto G7 Play, but costs the same in the UK, despite packing a dual-camera and a metal body. In terms of power though, the Play edges ahead, resulting in smoother day-to-day performance, and the inclusion of a USB-C port also makes it our choice for anyone okay to forgo two rear cameras for the price of one. 

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First reviewed: February 2019

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