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Belkin Clear Acrylic iPod case review

A cover as sophisticated as the iPod it protects

Our Verdict

It's good looking and strong, but won't be everyone's cup of tea


  • Provides strong protection

    Superbly stylish


  • Video panel and click wheel are left exposed

    Rather bulky

The latest case from Belkin is for fifth-generation video iPods, and it will cover your iPod in a sophisticated combination of brushed metal and acrylic that creates a near bullet-proof jacket for your beloved player.

The brushed metal front cover (also available in three other dayglo-type colours, if that's more your thing) slides out smoothly to release the iPod. It's quite a beautiful set-up while leaving all the various buttons and ports open for easy access.

Not everyone goes for this type of case because of its bulky size. Slimmer cases are around if you look for them, and there are plenty to choose from. Also the design of this case means the video panel is left exposed, as is the click wheel, which can produce marks on either if you drop it into a pocket full of coins and keys.

But if style is your thing, and you want protection from scratches and hard knocks, then this is probably just the ticket. It suits 30GB, 60GB and 80GB fifth-generation models.