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Fossil Q Explorist HR review

Fossil's techiest watch ever

Fossil has called the new tech included in the Q Explorist HR its Generation 4 update, and it's perhaps the most significant change we've seen to its range of products.

Smartwatches from the company have always worked well, but the lack of fitness features have meant these are a struggle to recommend to anyone looking for top-end tech.

With Generation 4, the company has solved some of the biggest problems with the Fossil range and the Q Explorist HR is a solidly recommendable smartwatch because of this new tech.

Who's this for?

This is a big smartwatch, so if you're looking for a hefty timepiece to wear on your wrist this will suit you.

If you like the design of the Q Explorist HR and what Wear OS can do, you'll like this watch as it sports top-end tech like GPS and a big display, so you can read your notifications and use apps on your wrist.

There's no 4G/LTE support on the Q Explorist HR, but considering what else this watch can do it shouldn't be a massive problem for most users.

Should you buy it?

The tech here all adds up, so if you want a new smartwatch with all of this tech on board at an affordable price then the Q Explorist HR is a good option.

You may want to wait until Fossil announces a new watch sporting the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, but we're not certain when that will actually land so it may be one long wait.

The price of the Q Explorist HR is at the mid-range of Wear OS watches you can buy right now, so you'd be hard pressed to go wrong with this watch.

First reviewed: September 2018

The competition

Don't think you'll want to buy the Fossil Q Explorist HR? You may want one of these watches we've listed below.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung’s latest watch doesn’t come with Wear OS software like we had heard was rumored before the event, but it is running the now quite mature Tizen platform from the company and offers an impressive experience.

It’s mostly focused on exercise and notifications, plus it comes in two different sizes, with one sporting a 46mm case and the other coming in a 42mm size with a smaller screen but all the same tech built-in.

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Apple Watch 3

Own an iPhone? The best smartwatch to work with iPhone is Apple's own Watch 3, so if you're in the Apple ecosystem you may want to opt for this square device running watchOS software.

This is particularly good at fitness tracking, and you'll also be given access to LTE features without your phone if that's what you want.

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Fossil Q Venture HR

Like all of the features you’re getting on the Fossil Q Explorist HR, but you’re not sure about the large design? You may want to opt for a Fossil Q Venture HR that’s smaller and more suitable for those with slimmer wrists.

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