Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 review

A rugged Android smartwatch for adventure seekers


If you’re a hiker who absolutely must have a smartwatch then the Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 is probably your best bet, but this really comes down to the fact that there aren’t many true smartwatch alternatives that cater for the outdoors adventure types, rather than the Casio actually being a quality watch.

It falls down on basic comfort and wearability and the shoddy charging cable is unforgivable at this price.

The Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 isn't a complete disaster though, thanks to the likes of a durable build and useful navigation features.

Who's this for?

This is a watch for people who like to take to the hills, lakes, pistes.

Oh, but they also want to be able to get updates from halfway up the Himalayas when someone’s just dropped an important message into their Gmail/WhatsApp and liked their latest Instagram post.

Despite having all the features from the latest version of Wear OS, what the Pro Trek Smart isn’t, is a watch for those looking for a regular everyday smartwatch. 

Should you buy it?

The short answer is no. Even though it’s quite unique as a Wear OS smartwatch that caters for more serious outdoors activity, and it’s definitely rugged enough to withstand a lot of ‘adventure’, there are too many flaws to justify the Rs 30,000 price tag, particularly when there are other watches (though not fully smart) snapping at its heels in terms of features.

So unless you’re either a huge Casio and Wear OS fan, or someone who likes bulky, rugged watches enough to forgive some major missing links, there are more capable watches out there.