TomTom GO Live 1000 review

Is TomTom's new high-end sat nav good enough to lead the line?

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tomtom go live 1000

TomTom has come up with a decent sat nav, and dragged its hardware kicking and screaming into the tablet age with decent capacitive touchscreen and smooth performance.

We liked:

The LIVE services are still top notch and a must-have for the road warrior, and even every day users who make regular long journeys will enjoy finding out about a traffic jam before joining the back of it.

The new capacitive touchscreen is welcome, and so is the much-improved performance, and the price is also a strong point. At £240 the TomTom GO LIVE 1000 comes in £80 cheaper than the Nuvi 3790T with a year's LIVE services – but be prepared for more outlay if you want this to continue.

We disliked:

The menu system is far from intuitive, and usability suffers dramatically. The TomTom GO LIVE 1000 is also pretty cumbersome and weighty, and not the most comfortable to slip into a bag or pocket when away from the car.


A good sat nav with great extra services that really make a positive difference to your driving, but this wasn't quite the all-rounder we were hoping for. The wrong directions were disappointing, and the menu system too confusing for this to be an all-out winner.