Canon EOS M6 Mark II review

Could this portable powerhouse inject some much-needed energy into Canon’s M series?

(Image: © Future)

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It would be very easy to dismiss the Canon EOS M6 Mark II as a camera with limited appeal, given its small body and lack of a viewfinder. 

However, if you spend some time looking at the specifications, you begin to realize that this is actually a very capable camera, with its small size and weight offering real benefits for travel and street photographers, or anyone who would prefer not to lug around a hefty DSLR. 

By using the same sensor as found in the enthusiast-level 90D DSLR, Canon is telling us that the M6 Mark II is actually also suitable for serious photographers, who shouldn’t dismiss it out of hand. While many enthusiasts will crave a viewfinder, the lack of one isn't a serious omission given that one can be purchased separately – and using just a screen will barely be an issue for those used to shooting on their phone, and vloggers. 

Image quality is excellent, with that high-resolution sensor delivering lovely, detailed images with great colors. It’s disappointing not to see inbuilt image stabilization here, but so long as you’re aware of that, you can allow for it. 

Probably the biggest disappointment – and it's one that goes for Canon's entire M-series line – is the limited selection of native lenses. Canon will tell you that you can use its extensive range of EF and EF-S lenses via an adapter, which is true, but to do so with such a small camera rather defeats the point; we can only hope that Canon continues to devote resources to expanding the native options. 

Overall, though, there's a lot to like about the EOS M6 Mark II. It’s ideally suited to travel and street photography, while also being a good choice for subjects such as landscapes, portraiture, and – particularly impressively – action and sport. We didn’t expect to like the M6 Mark II quite as much as we did, but it turns out to be a nifty little performer that we can highly recommend.


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