Samsung WB850F review

Smarter than the average camera

Samsung WB850F review
The Samsung WB850F has 16MP and Wi-Fi for uploading images to social networks and emailing them to friends

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With a 21x zoom lens that covers the equivalent of 23-483mm, the Samsung WB850F is a versatile camera capable of capturing wide views and picking out distant details.

The ability to upload images to Facebook or email them direct from the camera is a really nice touch, and it will be popular with travellers who want to keep friends and family up-to-date with their goings on.

The GPS technology, however, is less useful, and the need for maps to be stored on the SD card seems short-sighted, since formatting the card deletes the data.

We like

The wide-ranging zoom lens is versatile, and the Wi-Fi connectivity is great for sharing images straight from the camera when you are in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

We dislike

GPS technology is a secondary feature in a camera and we would prefer that the button controls are reserved for more photographic features such as exposure compensation and focus mode.

Final verdict

The GPS system in the Samsung WB850F is a fun addition for tagging your images with their shooting location, but the mapping isn't as easy to use or as effective as the Maps app on the iPhone. This plus the additional battery drain means it is likely to be turned off for much of the time.

Smartphone users are used to uploading and emailing images as and when they like. The Wi-Fi capability in the Samsung WB850F makes this more-or-less possible with a decent dedicated camera, and we think it will prove a big hit.

While the Samsung WB850F wouldn't be our camera of choice for shooting in low light, it turns out good quality images in normal lighting conditions. In some cases the images really leap out from the screen, but in others, reds can look a little over-cooked.