Samsung NX11 review

The third model in Samsung's NX compact system camera line brings a few subtle changes to an existing formula

Samsung NX11
Samsung NX11 front

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While the NX11 is as much as compact system camera as any other, its design strongly adheres to that of the traditional SLR, more so than most of its peers.

Whereas a number of similar cameras suffer from something of a visual imbalance between their small-format body and long protruding optics, the slightly larger NX body and its design mean that any mounted lenses appear as though they actually belong on it.

Its relatively tall and slender body is rounded at its edges so that there's little definition between its different sides, and its plastic casing is built to the standard expected for such a camera.

It's much the same in this respect to the NX10, although one change Samsung has made is to its grip, which has been remoulded for greater comfort; what this results in is a slight depression under the shutter release button which dictates where the forefinger should rest.

Together with the rest of the body this makes for a comfortable handling experience, although those with larger hands would possibly prefer a more accommodating design, and so are likely to appreciate this change less.

The camera's buttons are plentiful but well labelled, while the menu system should present no problem for anyone using the camera for the first time.

It features icons and clear labelling throughout, although some of the functionality isn't as helpfully explained in-camera as on competing models, making a browse through the supplied manual necessary.