Fuji X70 review

Fuji takes the inners of its popular compact camera and squeezes them into a smaller body

Fuji X70

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The signal to noise ratio is a measure of the amount of random background noise in the picture relative to the image data. The larger the number, the higher the ratio and the less noise you'll see in the image. This is tested using DxO Analyzer in laboratory conditions.

Fuji X70 lab test results

JPEG signal to noise ratio analysis: The cameras being compared here have quite similar scores for their JPEGs, but the X70 is one of the better examples indicating that the noise captured in raw files is concealed well in JPEGs.

Fuji X70 lab test results

Raw (converted to TIFF) signal to noise ratio analysis: Although the X70's signal to noise ratio is higher (better) than the X100T's, it lags behind the competition. This indicates that it produces noisier images throughout its sensitivity range. However, our resolution tests confirm that it also captures more detail than the other cameras.