Canon PowerShot A3100 IS review

The A3100 enters the fray with a formidable specification

Canon powershot a3100 IS
The PowerShot A3100 IS is a strong mid-range compact contender

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canon powershot a3100 is

Some of Canon's compact cameras, such as the top-end G-series, are the stuff of legend.

The A3100 doesn't make quite the same impact, but that doesn't mean you should discount it.

At just £150 (at launch), there's plenty to like. It doesn't lack resolution, or image quality, and while the features list might not be a mile long, nothing important is missing - although it would be nice to see HD video filtering down the line to lower-end compacts.

We liked:

The A3100 offers enough resolution to allow cropping and re-framing of images, while the screen on the back is an excellent example of the type. It's also extremely easy to use.

We disliked:

Did we mention the lack of a decent video mode? We're also not wild about the A3100's design, which while inoffensive is hardly going to turn many heads. It's also not spectacularly comfortable to hold, although for £150 we're willing to overlook these quibbles.


If you're unbothered by the lack of HD video, the A3100 is a superb camera for the money.

Spend around £30 more and you'll get a more impressive lens and HD video, but for most casual snappers the A3100 is all the camera you'll need.

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