Canon G15 review

What does this upgrade of the popular G12 offer?

Canon PowerShot G15
The 12.1 megapixel Canon PowerShot G15 replaces the G12

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Canon has manufactured a high quality compact camera in the shape of the Canon G15. It is capable of producing great images with bags of detail, good punchy colours and pleasing shallow depth of field effects.

However, we can't help but feel a little underwhelmed by the Canon G15. In terms of an upgrade from the Canon G12, there's not a massive amount of difference here, and of course some will feel put out by the removal of the articulating screen.

We liked

With plenty of direct access buttons and dials, this camera is clearly aimed at the advanced photographer, making changing settings quick and easy.

We disliked

It's a huge shame that this camera doesn't have a touchscreen, because this would have elevated it out of the still-great-but-not-that-exciting territory that the G series is stuck in. It's also a disappointment that digital filters can't be shot in both raw and JPEG modes, though.

Final verdict

A lot has changed since the Canon G12 was first debuted, and it's a shame that more excitement couldn't have been allocated to the Canon G15. For instance, a touchscreen, GPS and Wi-Fi would have been a welcome addition. Instead, it feels a little as if the G series has stagnated a little.

Since the sensor inside the much smaller Canon S110 is exactly the same as in the Canon G15, but it does include some of those exciting optional extras, it'll be interesting to see how many consumers decide to opt for the much bulkier Canon G15.

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