Pure Legato II review

Great facilities, refined sound and some luxurious looks

TechRadar Verdict

This is a real improvement on the original Legato - great sound, features and looks


  • +

    Great design

    Good remote

    Smooth, high-quality sound


  • -

    FM reception not brilliant

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The Legato II is Pure's latest micro hi-fi system incorporating a CD player along with DAB and FM RDS tuners.

Its rounded corners, brushed metallic front panel with electric-blue backlight give the revamped model the look and feel of a design classic. The pleasing micro is available in cherry, maple and lacquered piano black finishes.

Bettering its predecessor with an improved specification and advanced digital radio features, this tactile DAB micro system incorporates a seven-day EPG to allow you to view radio listings, and automatically stores important information like news headlines and sports results via the large blue display for anytime, instant access.

Rewind selector

A ReVu facility allows you to pause live DAB radio or rewind and listen again to whatever you've missed. Multiple timer options allow you to record to the SD memory card slot or an external recording device hooked up to the digital audio output.

With 99 DAB presets and 24 FM tuner presets on hand, the Legato II gives you easy access to all your favourite radio stations. The handy remote controller makes light work of system control from the comfort of your armchair.

The CD loading tray has been replaced with a disc-loading slot, which gently takes discs from your fingertips and is CD-R and CD-RW compatible with support for MP3 music files too.

The system's partnering stereo speakers look and sound gorgeous. The new bookshelf models have deeper cabinets than most, and are solidly constructed with tuned bass ports at the back.

Its sonics are impressively smooth from the very first listen, and the tuneful bass port makes the Legato II sound considerably larger than the system's micro dimensions.

Bass and treble controls are on hand via the front panel display, but the Legato II sounds remarkably good straight out of the box and you're unlikely to need to make any tone adjustments to improve on performance. There's an impressive amount of bass on hand, and treble notes are remarkably smooth without any hint of brashness when listening to Madonna's Ray of Light CD.

Low profile

DAB material is interference-free, and even low data rate radio stations sound good, with barely any discernable degradation. FM signals suffer from some interference in our weak reception area using the fitted antenna, but this can easily be replaced with a rooftop aerial for improved reception.

Pure has taken considerable care to improve and refine the original Legato with even better looks and greater specs, making the Legato II a luxury hi-fi system at a nice price.

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