Roth OLi 10 review

A miniature speaker offering a detailed and lively performance

Roth OLi 10
Roth are a relative newcomer to the hi-fi speaker market and the results so far are encouraging

TechRadar Verdict


  • +

    Very detailed

  • +

    Good upper bass energy

  • +

    Lively performance

  • +

    Good dynamics


  • -

    Deep bass not the best (not really a surprise)

  • -

    Lacks a little depth

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One of the most obviously miniature of the speakers around, the Roth OLi 10 actually has the same overall width as the Q Acoustics 2010, but presents a narrower face to the world as the front panel is only 130mm across; the sides are tastefully bowed outwards.

A 100mm bass driver with a woven cone and a phase plug is partnered by a small dome, apparently based on silk (bit of a luxury at this price), with a vestigial horn assisting it.

There's the usual rear-mounted reflex port and the crossover is a second-order type. A little internal acoustic damping is provided by synthetic wool and wall-mounting brackets are supplied.

We particularly liked the look of the maple veneer on our review sample. No effort at all is made to hide panel joins, indeed they are a positive visual feature.

Not all speakers are created equal and each have their own particular area of excellence and for the OLi 10 it turned out to be tonal balance.

Once again, excepting the deep bass (we'd like the moon on a stick, but it's not happening any day soon), the balance is remarkably fine, even to an admirable degree and as a result favouring no one instrument or voice unduly over others.

The narrow cabinet helps this remain true even some way off-axis. At the same time there is a really good kick to the bass which compensates well for the lack of real extension and makes lively music highly convincing.

Detail is good, very good even, and imaging precise laterally, though we felt it lacks a little depth.

We also enjoyed the dynamics, which once again transcend expectations and ebb and flow with little semblance or effort.

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