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Focal 706V review

Classy drivers feature in Focal’s affordable standmount

Focal 706V
The 706V is capable of creating a fair measure of genuine dynamic tension

Our Verdict

This handsome and relatively substantial stand-mount with advanced drive units delivers a very impressive combination of a smooth, even overall balance with healthy dynamic expression and tension


  • Balanced and energetic sound
  • Distinctive styling
  • Strong bass

First and foremost, being a drive unit specialist, Focal makes all its drivers in its French factory.

The cone driver used here has a 165mm cast alloy frame and a 120mm diameter Polyglass cone, made of paper coated with glass 'micro-spheres'.

Distinctive design from Focal

The familiar Focal inverted dome tweeter has a 23mm aluminium/magnesium alloy diaphragm, driven by a rather smaller voice coil.

It's mounted in a rigid L-shaped cast chassis at the top edge of the enclosure, unobstructed by the visually rather striking V-shaped grille; a small optional protective mesh is supplied for those with young and curious children.

The distinctive styling has tapering side panels, so the internal faces are not parallel and, therefore, avoid creating focused (frequency specific) standing waves.

All the panels, finished in a dark Amati vinyl woodprint, are a substantial 20-25mm thick. A front port provides bass loading and signal is applied via a single terminal pair.

Smooth sound quality

As the in-room measurements indicated, the 706V likes some - but not too much - assistance from wall proximity.

Having found the best overall bass alignment, one is rewarded by a beautifully even, smooth and neutral overall sound quality, with good voice band integrity.

The mild presence restraint does create a slightly 'shut in' and hollow effect, but overall coherence is pretty good and time-smear is modest.

'Walking' bass lines show fine agility and a good sense of direction and purpose, while the bass as a whole has a measure of grip, power and authority that is clearly superior to the average.

Creating tension

The top end is very well-judged, adding delicacy and air without drawing attention to itself, and the sound as a whole delivers plenty of fine detail, with no obvious boxiness or serious colorations even when quite close to a wall. Imaging is spacious with nice focus, though depth is somewhat curtailed.

The overall dynamic range is wide, showing good enclosure control and delivering good detail deep down in the mix.

Best of all, however, the 706V is capable of creating a fair measure of genuine dynamic tension and this is an important ingredient in helping the musical expression to come through.

An improved system

Whereas the smaller 705V proved a little disappointing and was clearly out of its depth in our test room, the slightly bigger Focal 706V has proved to be a resounding success, which would tend to suggest that doubling the main driver's cone area might be the key ingredient that helps bring life to the music and brings the music to life.