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Belkin Headphones review

Good value, but not a whole lot else

Our Verdict

Let's face it - the price is low enough that the sound quality isn't that important


  • Value for money


  • Not particularly comfortable

    Sound a little too bright

These are basic earphones that offer nothing special except a great price. The sound quality isn't that great compared to the excellent products coming out of Shure and Bose these days, but comparisons like that are of little worth. If you're looking for a set at a price where it doesn't really matter if they fall in the pool then these are right for the money.

If we had to make a complaint, despite the good price, the drawback for us was the comfort factor. We think it's worth spending a bit more to get earphones that wrap around your ears and take the weight off your lobes, particularly as these earbuds snap on to magnetic holders, which are useful for storage purposes but add extra weight for your ears to carry. On long trips this is particularly annoying.

The sound quality is all right, but quite bright. Again, you're not buying these because of their sound, you're buying them because they're cheap.