1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones review

Audiophile-worthy headphones at a bargain price

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The 1MORE Triple Driver Over-ear is an audiophile bargain thanks to its excellent sound and build quality. Even a year after launch, these are tough to beat for entry-level closed back headphones.


  • +

    Detailed and balanced sound

  • +

    Quality materials

  • +

    Excellent value


  • -

    Discomfort during long sessions

  • -

    No inline mic or remote

  • -

    Non-replaceable earpads

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The Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones from 1MORE blew us away when we first reviewed them. And hot-on-the-heels of those fantastic in-ear models comes an over-ear variant that follows the same formula that made the Triple Drivers so great: they combine excellent sound and build quality at what many would consider to be an affordable price. 

And rather unsurprisingly, after spending several weeks with the 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear, they’ve become one of our favorite entry-level audiophile headphones. 

For the money, you get excellent sound quality that is detailed, dynamic and punchy with a decent sound stage for a closed-back headphone that doesn't need a headphone amp to sound its best. And they look great too. They're beautifully made with aluminum earcup housings, leather ear cups, and a window to admire the triple driver assembly. Heck, even the included cable is nicely made with braided fabric and metal terminations. 

Simply said, if you’re looking for a pair of entry-level audiophile headphones that are closed-back and portable, the 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ears are a perfect place to start (and end) your search.


The 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear look and feel like a premium product thanks to its metal, leather and plastic construction. The ear cups are milled out of a single piece of aluminum and its unique triple driver is displayed prominently with a window. 

While they feel great however, the styling may not appeal to everyone, thanks to the aggressive “biohazard” symbol looking grille covering the driver display window. We wish 1MORE would give us a clear view of the driver or cover everything up. 

Leather covers both the ear pads and the headband, making the Triple Driver Over-Ear very comfortable - however, our ears got a little steamy during long listening sessions and there was a slightly clamping fatigue thanks to the over-ear design. 

The headphones fold up nicely for travel and 1MORE includes a nice hard case for transportation. There’s a small velcro pouch to carry the included cable, which is a nice touch, too. Speaking of the cable, it’s nicely covered in a woven fabric and its terminations are made of aluminum as well. However, it’s disappointing that the cable doesn’t include an inline mic or controls, which seems like an oversight when the 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ears have one that supports both Android and iOS. 


These headphones simply rock when it comes to sound quality. The 1MORE Triple Driver over-ear impressed us with the amount of detail they were able to dig up from various tracks. The mid-bass is slightly emphasized, making them not ideal for reference work but help to make them sound fun and not overly analytical.

Similarly, mids and highs are nicely detailed, offering a dynamic sound. Bass digs deep but isn’t as punchy as the Master & Dynamic MH30 or MH40

In terms of sound isolation, the 1MORE Triple Driver over-ear do a good job of blocking out ambient noise and prevent your music from leaking out as well. 

While advertised as over-ear headphones, we found that they were actually between over- and on-ear headphones and expect others will feel the same way. The ear cups are too small, which can result in some discomfort during long listening sessions. And, while it's not a deal-breaker, it’s also disappointing that the earpads are glued to the headphone and aren’t replaceable. 

Thankfully, the sound more than makes up for these shortcomings.


If you’re looking for a pair of audiophile headphones that won’t break the bank, the 1MORE Triple Driver over-ear is a great place to start. Its build quality and detailed sound really impress and we think bass-lovers will like the slight mid-bass emphasis and control in the lower registers while not sacrificing the mids or highs. The headphone reveals a good level of detail throughout the frequency range and never get harsh in the upper registers. 

To that end, it’s hard to fault the $250 (about £190, AU$338, R3,299) 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear, making them an easy recommendation for the price. Compared to the competition, the Master & Dynamic MH30 offer a much warmer, bassy sound and better build quality but they’re far from accurate. The Focal Listen sound excellent for the price but the 1MORE has them beat on build quality. If you want a more retro look and in-line mic and remote, check out the Sennheiser HD1.  

If you want great sound without blowing out your budget, though, you should stick with these.

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