Leaving your presentation building til the last minute? You're not alone

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New research has revealed an alarming trend spanning many workplaces, claiming the majority of individuals don’t start drafting their presentation until a week before it’s due.

The study from presentation software company Prezi of 4,000 users found that nearly three-quarters (73%) start building their presentations with less than a week to spare, and one in five leave it until the day before - what it calls the ‘tomorrow problem’.

Armed with this information, Prezi has introduced new AI-powered tools across its software to help save users time when building their presentations in a bid to boost productivity, even if it is one day before the work’s due.

Workers are leaving presentations until the last minute

The survey also covered the adoption and usage of AI among respondents, highlighting that the technology has now become commonplace – two-thirds (67%) of business users and more than half (55%) of education users now integrate AI into their workflows.

Prezi AI, which is built on a publicly available library of existing presentations, is hoped to do 80% of the design and creation work for the user, freeing them up significant time to concentrate on the content.

Company CEO Jim Szafranski emphasized the significance of the survey’s findings: “users have much of the ideas and content that they want to present, but they wait until the last minute to do the important part.”

Szafranski indicated that Prezi AI should play an important role in helping workers to get the job done: “These numbers show the size of the problem and opportunity for our Tomorrow Machine to provide the global workforce with compelling visual content and do so quickly in a single working session.”

Moreover, the company revealed the top five use cases for AI in the workplace: content creation, research, presentation creation, image creation, and communication.

Armed with other AI tools to take care of the entire presentation process, workers could save themselves a lot of time so that they can focus on more meaningful and productive work.

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