First Ryzen 8000 mini PC goes on sale with an affordable price tag for an AI PC - and it is surprisingly good value for money

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GMKtec has put the NucBox K8, the first mini PC with a Ryzen 8000 CPU, on sale. With a starting price as low as $479.99 (when buying directly from the vendor and using the code K8-Media-0), this AI PC is surprisingly affordable for what it offers and powerful enough to be used as a workstation PC or a business PC.

The Ryzen 7 8845HS is the main driver and is essentially a refined version of the Ryzen 9 7940HS with a lower TDP and a slightly lower core speed. It is one of the best CPU for laptops and comes with eight cores, 16 threads, an AMD Radeon 780M integrated GPU and an NPU capable of delivering 38 TOPS of computing power.

This is mounted on a small motherboard and housed in a tiny chassis (129 x 127 x 48mm), compact enough to be carried around (or mounted behind a monitor thanks to the bundled VESA mount). 

There’s also tons of connectors including four USB Type-A ports, one USB 4.0 (Type-C) one, two 2.5 Gb LAN connectors, one HDMI and one DisplayPort as well as an audio connector, WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2. Shame it comes only with one USB 4.0 connector.

Other than the barebone version, GMKtec sells the K8 with 32GB RAM (2x16GB DDR5 5600) and either 1TB or 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD (no PCIe 5.0 or additional slot). Right now, you can either buy it from Amazon or directly from the GMKtec.

GMKTec K8 32GB/1TB version was $849.99
Code discount: $200
Code: K8-Media-1T
Final price: $649.99, $30 extra discount if your exclusive code is applied on GMKtec. (Amazon)

GMKTec K8 32GB+2TB version was $899.99
Code discount: $200
Code: K8-Media-2T
Final price: $699.99, $30 extra discount if your exclusive code is applied on GMKtec. (Amazon)

When compared to Ryzen 9 7940HS Mini PCs currently available from Amazon, it actually undercuts them pricewise. The K4 with a single LAN port retails for $648 while the Reatan Alloy 9 costs a bit more at $659. We called in the K8 for a review and will see whether it is worthy on a spot in our best mini PC buying guide.

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