DuckDuckGo is bringing its browser to Windows

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Popular privacy-first search engine, DuckDuckGo, has finally launched its very own secure browser for Windows.

Available as a beta version at the time of writing, the browser promises to offer a smooth browsing experience matching the biggest names out there like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Yet, users will enjoy "way fewer creepy ads, cookie pop-ups, or hidden trackers," claims the provider.

Many consumers nowadays opt for solutions to protect their data online like VPN services or secure mail apps - with its new release, DuckDuckGo hopes to make the switch to a privacy-first tool even easier. 

Privacy-first browsing

"DuckDuckGo for Windows is already equipped with nearly all the privacy protections and everyday features that users know and trust from our iOS, Mac, and Android browsers—and it’s getting closer to parity with those browsers every day," wrote the provider in a blog post.

Enjoying privacy-first browsing on PCs has never been any easier, in fact. Users can enjoy a web tracker-free experience, for example, with options like its Tracker Blocking to prevent hidden trackers to load. 

Its Cookie Pop-up Management system is also the perfect feature to fight back what's known as pop-up fatigue (when consumers click away their privacy to escape repetitive cookies) as it hides cookie consent pop-ups.

Other privacy protections include an Email Protection to hide user email when signing up for online services, its so-called Fire Button burning recent browsing data in one click, Smarter Encryption, and its very own Duck Player (YouTube without invasive ads).

The company also claims to collect 60% less data than Google Chrome. And, despite not having extension support just yet, DuckDuckGo browser boasts built-in ad-blocker and password management—the most popular browser extensions, perhaps.

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Early users seem to be satisfied with performances and features so far, DuckDuckGo reported. Yet, many users on Reddit are asking for browser extensions support (currently on its way) before switching completely. Others would like to see a Linux version soon, too.

The provider reassures, though, its Windows browser will only keep improving from now on. 

"We’re hard at work right now on achieving full parity with the Mac browser, including improvements like faster startup performance, the ability to pin tabs, HTML bookmark import, more options for the Fire Button, and additional privacy features like Fingerprinting Protection, Link Tracking Protection, and Referrer Tracking Protection."

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