Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra get steep $1,000 discount — but only if you follow these steps

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra on a purple background
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Samsung's incredible Galaxy S24 Ultra is finally being offered at a steep discount to Verizon users, assuming they follow a few deal parameters. 

For a limited time at Verizon, if you choose the Business Unlimited Pro plan and start a new line, you can get up to $1000 off in credit to the S24 Ultra's purchase. This deal cannot be combined with other discounts, and the credit begins with 2 - 3 bills after the trade-in is received, but the value will remain.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra deal at Verizon

Get up to $1,000 off the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Get up to $1,000 off the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra With a trade-in, new line agreement, and the Business Unlimited Pro plan. That deal brings the 256GB model down to $299.99 and the 512GB model down to $419.99. With a 36-month payment plan, the 256GB model drops to under $9/m for 36 months, and the 512GB model drops to under $12/m for 36 months.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is an impressive phone that was released earlier this year. It's Samsung's flagship device for a reason—it's stunning. The new model has improved performance and battery life compared to its predecessor. It also features better cameras, a durable frame, and a display. Additionally, it includes DeX built right in, allowing the phone to go beyond traditional phone capabilities. Thanks to DeX, this phone can become a full workstation with multi-application productivity, resizable windows, and a full screen, including a dock, much like a standard PC. You can even add a mouse and keyboard to the monitor to make a more classical desktop experience.

Further, to help with productivity on the go, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has an all-day battery to keep up with your demanding work schedule, Galaxy AI to help keep you productive, and a pen that unleashes an entirely new level of work. This pen can be used to interact with your phone, circle to search, sign documents, and get detailed work done all from a powerhouse of a device that lives in your pocket.

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