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Logitech G9 Laser Mouse review

Lots of funky features as long as you're willing to shell out £60...

It's a great mouse, but a £60 mouse?

Our Verdict

Depending on how important your mouse is to you, the price could be justified, but to us, it just seems a bit excessive no matter how many neat features this mouse has.


  • Nifty free-wheel
  • Programmable Macros
  • Comfortable


  • Too expensive

Things have been difficult between laser gaming mice and myself. The relationship, while admittedly shaky from the beginning, has grown steadily worse after hours of repeated, simulated death. Now I'm generally not that hot at the ol' online shooter, but with the generally over-sensitive types that make up the laser mouse community I'm more hopeless than usual. I have however found that while the G9 doesn't actually make me a better gamer, it has at least removed the sensitivity blockage.

Not a nice price

It's a great mouse. It's comfortable, has interchangeable grips, removable weights, programmable profiles and macros and the fantastic free-wheel scroll wheel that lets you zip up and down web pages and through documents at will. But there's a certain reticence lurking behind my effusive praise and that revolves around the pricing. Like I said, it's a great mouse, but a £60 mouse?

For a pro-gamer, or someone equally obsessive about their online shooters, then the price may not be too high to have your favourite macros enabled in-game. To be perfectly honest though I'm happy enough with my ancient MS Optical Intellimouse and all the profiles and macros in the world couldn't persuade me to part with the required monies. I am going to miss that free-wheel though...