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Logitech MX518 review

Wired mouse gets to the point

Our Verdict

A standard wired mouse affair and a solid one at that


  • Smooth design

    1,600dpi native sensor-resolution


  • Hardly a revolution in mice

Logitech mice are becoming the epitome of the 'if it ain't broke' philosophy towards hardware design. This must be the 422nd mouse we've seen with the same smooth, curved chassis, and while we're not sure that Logitech has necessarily solved ergonomics forever, it does feel comfy for all but the most southern of paws.

There isn't quite the pant-wetting level of finery present in the mighty G5 here, but this is still a potent pointer for all kinds of gaming, with buttons to control the three on-the-fly sensitivity settings next to the mousewheel and a fairly nifty 1,600dpi native sensor-res, should you need your pointer to fly like Superman after a can of Red Bull.

If you're unfazed that it's a bit of a featherweight, and doesn't quite reach the 2,000dpi heights of the G5, you'll be extremely satisfied with the MX518. And let's not forget, people, wired mice are still cool... the majority of gamers will still prefer this to a wireless squeaker, any day of the week. PC Format Staff