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LG J10HD review

An impressive system with its own storage

The main unit boasts a high-gloss black finish

Our Verdict

A well featured system that does very little wrong


  • Highly attractive

    80GB hard drive

    Great pictures


  • Occasional problems with dialogue

Among this LG system's many snazzy features is an 80GB hard-disk drive, which allows you to rip CDs in MP3 format and create a library of your favourite music - as well as store JPEGs for instant playback.

It also features an HDMI socket with upscaling to 1080i, and LG's Virtual Sound Matrix, which artificially creates a wider soundstage through the stereo speakers.

Aesthetics are stunning. The main unit boasts a high-gloss black finish, with a row of touch sensitive controls and a five-line display giving track information. The main stereo speakers are of the bookshelf variety. The sub features a large circular LED that makes it look ultra-funky.

Setup is straightforward thanks to the logical and easy-to-navigate onscreen menus and a nicely designed remote handset.

Linked up to a decent flatpanel TV via HDMI, LG's J10HD delivers superb DVD pictures, with powerful colours and deep blacks that help to make detail look pin-sharp. It's every bit as good as more expensive systems around.

These impressive pictures are backed up by solid sound performance. In straight stereo mode, the sub can muster a menacing amount of bass when need be, but if a subtler touch is required then it's equally at home.

Switch to the Virtual Sound Matrix and you're greeted by a much more expansive sound stage, which is better suited to the grand, sweeping visuals of our test movie, 300. It's not perfect however; dialogue can sound a bit forced and jumps disconcertingly when the camera pans left or right - something that's partially rectified by activating the vocal mode.

Overall the J10HD is a sensational system, not only delivering top-notch performance but also offering enticing features, such as the 80GB HDD. Recommended.