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Prepare your mind for a boggling

Musician, judge, autotune devotee, torch-carrier and serial tech-event-attendee is to deliver a keynote speech at IBC 2012.

Yes, that's right. The International Broadcasting Convention, the perfect and obvious fit for Black Eyed Pea and The Voice personality

His speech has a title and it's quite a syntactically questionable mouthful: "Creativity and Technology Forces Combine - Transcend the Barriers of Convention and Rethink What Can Be Achieved".

It's not a cult, honest

Transcending the barriers of convention is unlikely to prove a problem for the man who brought us "The internet is a trumpet".

Re-thinking what can be achieved shouldn't be too tricky for him either, given his myriad side-projects and laudable charity work back home in Detroit, not to mention his position as creative director at Intel. explains, "We want people to rethink what they believe is possible. I'm always thinking about tomorrow. What are the new beats? What is the new music? What will people like? What will we be capable of doing?

"Technology allows us to amplify our ideas, amplify our creativity, and find new ways of solving our problems and genuinely start living in those future tomorrows, and that's what I want to share at IBC."

So stay tuned to hear more from the man who is reinvigorating technology and occasionally talking sense among fizz-popping ideas and impressions of his mum; the keynote takes place on September 7.

Can't wait 'til then? Check out our last encounter with and get ready to be baffled, exhausted and weirdly impressed.

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