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Full HD AND YouTube recording in one cam

The Aiptek AHD 300
The Aiptek AHD 300

Aiptek has launched a new handycam, the AHD 300, that's designed for the HD enthusiast and the YouTube opportunist.

The palm-sized camcorder might not be ready for shooting the latest Michael Bay bore-fest, but it can store up to 8 hours of full 1080p HD (if you use a super-huge 32GB SDHC card, that is).

It can also store about a million billion hours of YouTube footage, so you'll never need to worry about running out of space for your 'hilarious' pictures of horse riding.

The AHD 300 can also take pics up to 8MP quality, so handy if you want to take a picture of your mate by a tree, rather than filming him standing there like a goon.

Zoom, zoom, zoom…

The cam also comes with a 4x digital zoom, and a macro mode for getting the best clarity no matter what distance or subject being shot.

Obvioulsy the TV out option is there for when the 2.4 inch screen is a little too small, and of course all the usual black and white, negative and that weird colour from the Wild West setting are there.

Pick yourself one up for £129.99, available later this month