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Pokémon Go for Android finally has to-scale monsters to catch

Pokémon stands for "pocket monsters" – but a true fan knows that the colorful critters come in all shapes and sizes. That's been reflected in the Pokemon Go app on iOS, and a new update finally brings all those sizes to Android, too.

Whether you're catching an ickle Diglett or a giant Charizard, the Pokémon Go AR+  app will show you the 'true' size of a Pokémon as you approach it.

It's taking full advantage of Google's ARCore, which has to be downloaded from the Google Play Store prior to jumping in with the new Go AR+ update.

A stop gap to the Stars?

But once it is up and running, Android users will have a full matching feature set with their iPhone cousins, with Pokémon reacting to movements as you approach too. It makes Pokémon Go a far more interactive experience, and gives you a reason to interact with its AR mode again.

The timing of the release is an interesting one, with rumors suggesting that alongside the launch of Pokémon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu there will be a new wave of Pokémon Go mobile monsters to catch, too.

It's set then to be a busy winter for Pokémon fans, with the Nintendo Switch getting its first proper taste of the franchise while the long-awaited, all new Pokémon RPG is expected next year.

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