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£40 camcorder for the YouTube generation

What do you get for £40 these days? A pair of shoes, if you're lucky, or perhaps a dinner for two? Or, you could spend your hard-earned cash on the new Disgo Video camcorder.

At about a tenth the price of a decent digital camcorder, the Disgo Video enables you to shoot and share videos on the go. The pocket-sized camcorder is made for the YouTube generation and lets you share your videos quickly using the supplied USB cable to upload them to video sharing websites.

The Disgo Video from Clever Stuff weighs about the same as a mobile phone and has three buttons - one-touch recording, instant playback on the 2-inch colour LCD screen and delete. It is powered by two AA batteries and features a built-in speaker and a removable 1GB SD memory card, which lets you record over an hour's worth of continuous video.

There's no software to install and you won't need any video editing skills - although video editing software is included with the unit if you want to play around with your footage. VGA quality video clips are saved into AVI format and can be viewed on a TV screen by hooking the camcorder up via the supplied TV cable.

The £40 Disgo Video will go on sale this weekend at, Dixons, and PC World.