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ZTE planning own Android skin and new form factors for 2013

ZTE planning own Android skin and new form factors for 2013
No more stock Android for ZTE?

ZTE has stated it will bring its own Android overlay to new phones over the next six months.

ZTE's director of mobile device operations Wu Sa said the company is planning to gradually introduce a range of new functionality to Android to help differentiate the company in a crowded smartphone market.

"I think there will be a period before the consumer will fully recognise and accept our brand value; we don't want to impose a completely new thing on them straight away.

"We would rather support what the consumer is used to [in this case, stock Android 4.0 on the ZTE Grand X] and then gradually start to fulfil the multi-dimensional ZTE brand value, adding additional layers of value to the smartphone."

Multi-dimensional brand values

Sa said that while ZTE was in a period of 'brand recognition' – and therefore focused on bringing its name to the market with stable designs – the company was planning a variety of new form factors of phone in the next few months:

"Clearly we do see the form factor as very important to the customer experience, so following [the Grand X], between the end of 2012 and 2013 you will start to see more ZTE-branded devices with attractive, unique designs.

"We are here to support the mainstream consumer needs to establish our brand, but on top of that we will focus on anything we think will be innovative too."