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Motorola giving up on Lapdock and Webtop?

Motorola giving up on Lapdock and Webtop?
Maybe Google still loves the Lapdock?

Motorola could be set to drop its external accessories range after networks confirmed they wanted a more 'value-targeted' proposition.

The Lapdock was an extra accessory for the original Atrix that came with a specially-developed Webtop OS but, with the launch of the Atrix HD, US provider AT&T has decided against offering the powerful docking station.

In a statement to PhoneScoop, Motorola said it was "focused on the features that will deliver the greatest value for this device's target audience", which doesn't exactly speak of a bright future for the range.

All about affordability

"Motorola Atrix HD was designed for people who get excited about new technology that is relevant to their lifestyle, but are also price conscious. So we're offering the experiences and software that this target would be most interested in and still be able to make affordable," continued the statement.

While none of this explicitly states that the jig is up for the Lapdock, it's definitely not a ringing endorsement. The original Lapdock / Atrix combination was incredibly expensive at launch and came with a few problems of weight and viewing angles.

Prices have dropped since then, but the product never gained consumer support and has seen very little development since.

However, TechRadar has contacted Motorola to see if there will be a new update to the range at any point in the future and we'll let you know if there's life left in the Lapdock yet.