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LG reveals world's first transparent phone

The LG GD900 - with transparent keypad
The LG GD900 - with transparent keypad

If you've seen those Minority Report style films where everyone in the future is using a transparent phone that can morph at the touch of a button, then you'll probably be excited by the LG GD900.

Sporting a transparent slide out keypad, the touch-sensitive hardware can also be used as a trackpad for easier internet navigation.

When opened, the slide-out section is illuminated in a blue glow, which according to LG 'reflects the phone's sleek and polished silver body.'

Revealing purity in existential discourse

LG's press release goes a little over the top in describing the handset, using phrases such as 'revealing the handset in its purest form', 'once imagined but never before seen' and 'first rate design was not the only thing in mind when creating the LG GD900.'

In fact, it could have simply read: 'Look, it's got a shiny clear bit at the bottom. Look at it for so long you don't realise we're not going to give away any more facts or specs other than it's coming in Q2 of this year.'

TechRadar will be getting a hands-on with this 'premium calibre handset' as soon as we can, just so we can take funny pictures.

Gareth Beavis

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