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HTC Magic: first pics of the phone in action

The launch of the HTC Magic had people excited all over again over the possibilities of Android, and the new handset helped improve the image of the device too, thanks to its svelte form.

We managed to sneak some pictures of the phone in action, showing off the new form factor while maintaining the performance of Android.

Losing the keyboard was a big move, and it will need to be accurate on the touchscreen to make sure people don't miss it from the G1, although early demonstrations showed it looked pretty good.


"In late 2008 we joined the OHA and we've been working on the development of Android, and we have to say the technical capability of the software is truly outstanding, and the internet delivery is extremely compelling," said Patrick Chomet, global director of terminals at Vodafone.

"We worked hard with Google and HTC to deliver a unique consumer device. We will not compromise quality of design, our European markets are very demanding, and we've got one of the thinnest and nicest Android-powered devices on the market."

Check out TechRadar's early pics, and start wishing away the hours until you can be part of the Android crowd MkII.