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Archos soft launches own Android app store

Archos launches own Android app portal
Archos launches own Android app portal

Archos has launched its own portal for Android applications as it prepares for the unveiling of its Android device.

The phone / mobile internet device (we're lost on what to call it any more) will be shown off in France on 15 September, but TechRadar was told by Archos last month that there will be a simultaneous launch in the UK.

The AppsLib from Archos says that it will be offering the applications developed for the Android platform on any compatible device, be it a phone, netbook or even a picture frame:

"If you wish that your application can be accessed by a large variety of users, on a large spectrum of devices, all you have to do is send us your app. It will be accessible by any Android device using the AppsLib application. This application store can be downloaded and used for free by any user of any Android device."

Coding for dummies

The portal offers advice on how to code for Android (and seems a little like 'Developing for Dummies', with hints on screen resolution and watching out for menu placement).

However, Archos is clearly pushing its own Android device (bizarrely called the Archos 5 Internet Tablet - we hope that's not the name as things will get very confusing with the 'normal' Archos 5) on the site, citing options like spewing out the application content onto a HD TV.

It's very much in soft launch at the moment, so check it out if you're a developer with an itch to code. And don't forget to check back for our in-depth coverage of the Archos launch, when we'll be getting a good hands on with the new Archos device.

Via Pocketables