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O2 reveals Xda Flint: the iPhone for students

The O2 Xda Flint
The O2 Xda Flint

O2 has once again extended its range of Xda-branded devices - this time bringing out the Xda Flint for children and teachers in a bid to digitise the classroom.

The Windows Mobile 6.1-powered device features a five-inch VGA angled touchscreen with a detachable keyboard for use in a pseudo-laptop mode... meaning children could use it to browse the web, work on the touchscreen or be all touch-type quick as well.

The device also comes with GPS, a 3MP camera and both WiFi and 3.5G HSDPA connections, meaning students can "create documents and complete assignments while on the move, be that on the bus, out on a field trip, in the classroom, or at home," according to O2.

Homework cheats

The web browsing experience is available via both Internet Explorer and Opera 9, and there's even a camera on the front so kids can video call their mates and ask them the answers to today's homework.

And to prove O2 has really thought about how to make children want a device like this... no, not the ability to play MP3s and video on the 16GB memory... by making a downloadable timetable device so they can schedule their lessons!

"Our customers have shown that students benefit from handheld learning, and by synchronising and embedding the Xda Flint into the current ICT infrastructure we are able to help teachers deliver, manage and monitor personalised learning for each and every student," said Ben Dowd, O2 Business Sales Director.

No word on whether this handset will be made available outside of the classroom... but we hope the general public can nab one as it sounds pretty awesome.

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