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Intel Core 2 Extreme laptop reaches 3GHz

Intel's new chip is the first Extreme Edition for laptops

Intel has introduced its first long-awaited Extreme Edition mobile processor - and it's already been overclocked. The standard Core 2 Extreme X7800 boasts 2.66 GHz across its dual-cores, with 4MB of shared L2 cache.

Intended for gaming and high-performance laptops, the new model uses the 65nm process and has an 800MHz Front Side Bus speed. The new Extreme model replaces the 2.4GHz T7700 at the top of the Core 2 tree. As with other Extreme edition processors, the haughty price point buys you overclockability - the processor is unlocked.

Indeed, the clever overclockers at have already pushed the new chip up to 3GHz inside an Asus gaming laptop. Despite the performance potential of the new silicon, the chip still includes the Core 2 mainstays of power saving technology such as a dynamic front-side bus and Enhanced Deep Sleep mode.

However, the Extreme series has never been noted for its power efficiency. And it seems the new chip has a consumption of 44 watts rather than the 35 watt power envelope of the older T series Core 2 Duo chips.

A 2.8Ghz version of the processor is expected later on this year.