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Facebook has found a new spot in your News Feed for auto-play video ads

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
Thanks a lot, Zuck

Joyous news from the Facebook front today as the social network announces its plans to serve up even more auto-play video ads.

The last we heard was that Facebook intended to cover our News Feeds in even more video ads earlier this year, but now it seems that wasn't enough.

The latest announcement is that Facebook will start nestling these auto-playing videos inside another certain type of ad that prompts users to download apps directly from their News Feeds.

These "app install ads" have been around for a while, but until now they've been separate from the auto-playing video ads that appear elsewhere on the social network.

"As more and more people upload, share and discover video on Facebook, marketers are realizing the value of video at every stage of the buying cycle, from awareness to conversion," Facebook said today. Great.