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TfL goes online to beat transport delays

Ah, clear stairs, lovely
Ah, clear stairs, lovely

Transport for London (TfL) has announced a range of online tools to help commuters avoid the delay hotspots on their travels.

The tools are designed to give people all the forward-looking info before they set off, thus circumventing tube lines with a broken train or 'person taken ill'.

The highlights of the service will include:

- Text messages that will flag up delays to commuters' usual routes

- Interactive 'planned delays' on a Tube map, so travelers can focus on specific areas

- A weekly email alert that will give all the vital info on weekend works before nights out are ruined by the Victoria line being inexplicably shut AGAIN

- Downloadable travel widgets to give users the opportunity to share the vital info with others on blogs or websites

Easy travel

"The introduction of our new 'Travel Tools' services, providing easy access to real time travel information, service updates, and a Tube map you can use on your mobile, means that you can check before you travel or on the move" said Richard Parry, London Underground's director of strategy and service development.

"With so many ways to get travel information, Londoners will have to become more creative with their excuses."

Head on over to the TfL website to check out the new range of services and watch with frustration as all the lines you need go down simultaneously, something that happens to TechRadar far too frequently.

Gareth Beavis

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