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Rumour: Microsoft's Silverlight 3 out in July

Microsoft set to launch Silverlight 3 in July
Microsoft set to launch Silverlight 3 in July

It is looking increasingly likely that Microsoft is set to release the latest version of its browser-based media player, Silverlight this coming July, with the company scheduling a Silverlight press conference for 10 July.

TechRadar will be on hand at the press launch to let you know everything you need about the new developments in Microsoft's alternative to Adobe Flash.

New browser integration

The Silverlight 3 beta was released at Microsoft's Mix 09 conference a mere four months ago and new features to look forward to (unless you've already fiddled around with the beta) include new integration with a browser's forward and back button and the option for Silverlight to run outside the browser on both Windows and Mac.

"The news comes ahead of a week where you'll hear Sun Microsystems tirelessly beat the drum for its own architecture for building media and rich-interfaces using Java," notes The Register.

"Sun's JavaOne conference next week in San Francisco, California will attempt to educate developers about JavaFX for PC, mobile, and TV."

Via The Register