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Facebook to open up 'core' to developers

Facebook followinf Twitter's 'feed' route
Facebook followinf Twitter's 'feed' route

In an unprecedented move, Facebook is to open up the core of its website to third-party developers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, web developers will get access to user's feeds (if permission is given) so they can "build new services that access the photos, videos, notes and comments users upload to Facebook."

While developers can create applications for the social-networking site at the moment, they have to do so using Facebook's stringent programming service. This will be changed to an 'open technology standard'.

Feed back

Opening up the core of the website will mean that spin-off applications will be able to capitalise on the mountains of user-generated content available on Facebook – much like the way Twitter has numerous apps that filter the multitude of feeds generated by the website.

The Wall Street Journal hasn't confirmed the exact details of the announcement which is due today. If it is to happen, then the website will have to tread carefully with regards to how it approaches the privacy issues that are sure to arise from opening up the website.

Via Wall Street Journal