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Apple to offer iTunes Replay video streaming?

Apple to start offering iTunes Replay?
Apple to start offering iTunes Replay?

Apple could be set to launch iTunes Replay, allowing you to stream purchased videos from the iTunes store rather than downloading them.

This means access to content would be possible over multiple computers, as well as the iPhone and iPod touch, rather than having to sync all the devices before playback.

Apple Insider, although it doesn't cite any sources, says that Apple will be packaging the new feature in iTunes 8.

Another beneficiary would be the Apple TV set top box, which has enjoyed limited success in the UK. Instead of downloading to a PC and then streaming to the box, users could simply purchase and watch instantly, and would likely swiftly attract more customers to Apple TV should it launch.

Upping the power

Apple Insider also highlights that Apple has recently upped its content delivery network provider to include Limelight Networks, meaning that more capacity will be available for those wishing to stream.

Given that Apple already has both the level of DRM infrastructure present on nearly all its devices, iTunes Replay would require minimal changes to satisfy the movie and TV studios.

Although streaming can be subject to fluctuations in broadband speed, AI also points out that users can always fall back to the current system, whereby they can simply download content as before then play it back.

Additionally, this would quickly answer the question of where HD content fits into the model, as faster broadband connections than some people, certainly in the UK, possess, would be needed.

Via Apple Insider

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