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Intel octa-core Coffee Lake-S processor gets its clock speed revealed

Intel Coffee Lake-S

Intel’s mystery octa-core Coffee Lake-S chip has re-emerged yet again and this time, there are more details than ever.

The rumored processor was spotted among the sea of CPUs in the Sisoftware datebase, appearing as an 8-core and 16-thread processor that seems designed specifically to put an end to Ryzen 2nd generation’s core-count advantage. What’s more, according to the documentation, it seems as though the processor is tuned to run at a 2.6GHz base frequency, though, there’s no mention of this chip’s boost clock potential.

Interestingly, Sisoftware lists that the processor was used with an ‘Intel Kaby Lake client platform,’ meaning Coffee Lake-S could potentially work with last generation 200-series motherboards.

This would be a startling surprise.

When Intel made the jump from Kaby Lake to Coffee Lake, it claimed that all processors would require a new chipset. However, not too long ago, some clever modders managed to get Coffee Lake processors to work with older motherboards. We highly doubt that Intel would double back to an older chipset, but it would lower a massive barrier of entry for Kaby Lake users to upgrade their processors.

Via Wccftech