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Huawei P40 launch event teaser suggests it's another phone dedicated to photography

Huawei P40 launch teaser
Huawei P40 launch teaser (Image credit: Huawei)

We already knew the Huawei P40 was set to launch on March 26 thanks to a comment made by company CEO Richard Yu, and now the company has put out an official teaser confirming as such – although it seems to be an online-only launch now, not in Paris as we thought.

This teaser - posted on Huawei's website - doesn't give away much about the phone, but it does show us a few things that hint at the devices' strong points – although anyone who knows Huawei phones won't exactly be surprised.

Between the side-on view of what seems to be a smartphone camera bump and the hashtag '#VisionaryPhotography', it's clear that Huawei is once again branding its P-series phone around its photography power. 

Since Huawei advertises all these phones by saying the 'P' stands for 'photography', that's not exactly a surprise.

The aforementioned camera bump looks rather long, so this could be the Huawei P40 Pro or even rumored P40 Pro Premium Edition we're looking at, as they’ll pack many cameras. We’ve heard the base device will pack three rear cameras, with the other devices boasting more, although we don’t know how many at this time.

It's worth noting that while the event teaser shows a date, there's no time or location for this launch event. However when you click the 'Save the Date' icon you're prompted to add an event to your personal calendar referred to as an 'Online Global Launch Event', suggesting there won't be a physical event.

This would be a bit of a surprise given Huawei typically launches the P-series phones in Paris, but with coronavirus concerns shuttering physical phone launches left, right and center, it certainly makes sense.

TechRadar will be covering the event and testing out the Huawei P40 phones when we can, so stay tuned for all you need to know about Huawei's new phones.

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