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The Google Santa Tracker is back! See Santa delivering presents in real time

If you're spending your Christmas Eve impatiently waiting for Santa to deliver presents to loved ones (but, really, to you) then at least you can now see where he is in the world thanks to the Google Santa tracker.

For 13 years now, Google's Santa Tracker - using data from NORAD, a US / Candadian aerospace warning and control system - has been a great way to check up on Saint Nick and learn a few things in the process.

The tracker has been live since December 1st with a countdown- that countdown has now ended, which means Santa's journey has begun. 

How to track Santa

Alongside checking up on Father Christmas, the site has a ton of interesting stuff - including areas to practice basic coding skills, create original artwork, swot up on some geography knowledge and learn about artificial intelligence or machine learning.

There's even a place for teachers to download lesson plans and video guides so students can learn about coding. 

Unsurprisingly, Google has created a huge number of ways to track the big, jolly red man this year, with an option on the desktop and mobile web, an Android app, an Android TV app and you can even view things through a Chromecast.

Santa if you are reading this, then this is what the TechRadar team would like for Christmas