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Xbox Live Experience online demo launches

Try out the new Xbox Live Experience online now
Try out the new Xbox Live Experience online now

Xbox Live is down today, but Microsoft has confirmed that the all-new (Nintendo-a-like) Xbox Experience will still not be released till later in the year.

Xbox EMEA community manager Graeme 'AceyBongos' Boyd confirmed that the New Xbox Experience – featuring a cartoonish, Mii-like user interface with customisable avatars and the ability to install games to the 360 hard drive – "is NOT coming tomorrow - but this LIVE downtime is paving the way for its arrival later this year. More details on exactly when it's coming will follow."

Try it right now

If you just cannot wait and want to see what the Xbox 360 Experience is going to look like, then you can trial it out online at the New Xbox Experience website on your computer right now.

The site features examples of the new XBLE content and features, videos on avatar creation, an idea of how you will be able to hand out with your mates online and a glimpse at its online entertainment capabilities.

More on a guaranteed release date as soon as we get it from the horse's mouth.